General Questions

Q: How does REDUX work?

The REDUX business model is to purchase wells or joint venture with well owners or operators to enhance the flow of oil gas or geothermal wells.  REDUX can also be hired as a vendor to provide service to clients looking to enhance production.

Q: What does it cost?

The costs are much less than the cost of fracking a well.  As every well is different (oil, gas, depths, etc.) it is impossible for us to give an accurate answer before we know what we are dealing with.  If you would like a quote please email us with an introduction letter and scout tickets for each well you would like to have quotes generated for.

Q: What are the steps involved in the REDUX process?

Typically a project includes the following steps:

2-4 weeks – Complete well analysis, proposal and contracts to well operator, project packaging

2-8 weeks – Funding & Contracts

2-3 weeks – Crew and equipment scheduling

8-10 Days – Onsite work.

Q: What information is required by REDUX to evaluate the Job?

The more information that can be provided on the well, the better and faster the REDUX team can evaluate the job and provide an effective quote, and cost/benefit analysis. Ideally we will require the well production logs and scout ticket as well as any gamma logs, geology reports, or any seismic logs available. Data on surrounding wells, is also very helpful.

Q: What about 3rd party costs?

Third party costs are included in the bids. REDUX offers turn-key proposals.  If you have your own equipment this can be factored into the project to reduce costs.  REDUX also supports local vendors and will utilize “best in class” vendors form the local area.

Q: What is the minimum time to mobilize the tools?

We can typically mobilize and be on site within one week once final documents are signed and third-party equipment is scheduled. This of course must also take into consideration geographical location, any local regulatory requirements in the operational jurisdiction, and climate.