About REDUX Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies:

Q: Why is this technology different from other jetting or hydraulic fracturing technologies?

Q: For a vertical well what information do you require at the outset?

Q: Is the technology applicable to any kind of formation?

Q: Is REDUX for new reservoirs, depleted reservoirs or also for damaged ones?

Q: Can REDUX be applied in new wells to replace conventional methods?

REDUX as it relates to fracturing and other enhancements:

Q: What is the difference between REDUX and Fracturing?

Q: How does the additional production value that REDUX brings (when used for production enhancement operations) compare with that of the hydraulic fracturing?

Q: Technically speaking, how would a hydraulic frac job compare to a REDUX job?

Q: What are the main differences between polymer flooding or gas injection compared to the REDUX process?

Pressure related questions:

Q: What is the maximum pressure on surface?

Q: What is the max surface pressure required to be able to cut multiple casing strings at say ~ 15,000 ft?

Q: How about the effect on the DP’s and surface equipment from the erosion of the DP’s.

Q: How can we assure this pressure will not be exposed to the formation?

Q: How we are filling the DP’s while RIH and how we can establish circulation while RIH if need it or in case of well control issue.

Q: Will 5000 PSI be the maximum required pressure ratings of the pumps or more pressure could/will be required?

Cutting and excavating related questions:

Q: Can a slice be cut with a certain dipping ( i.e. parallel to formation dipping) at a certain angle?

Q: How you control the depth of cut?

Q: Does REDUX have the ability of making 2 sets in one run at different depth?

Q: Regarding the slurry used to do the excavation, will it be brought up to surface or remain in the formation. If up to the service, how will it be done?

Q: How are the cuttings and excavated material brought to surface?

Production and implementation related questions

Q: What is the correlation tool (Gyro, MWD, etc….) ?

Q: Due you need special connection for the BHA?

Q: How we can cure the losses if any (is there any limitation for LCM)?

Q: Does REDUX need a rig to do the job or a coiled tubing unit is enough and acceptable?

Q: How will the tool be operated? Hydraulically, Mechanically etc.

Q: What are the available tools sizes?

Q: Can the service be run via wire-line or slick-line?

Q: After doing the excavation, how will it be guaranteed that the formation will not collapse?

General questions:

Q: What is the typical procedure, process, or method for a REDUX application?

Q: What information is required by REDUX to evaluate the Job?

Q: What about 3rd party costs?

Q: What pricing components are involved in a REDUX application?

Q: What is the minimum time to mobilize the tools?